I Hear Destiny Calling

As soon as I saw the picture of this lovely lass, I knew I’d be using it in one of my Zesty  Shrines.  She’s got herself all glammed up and ready to perform, perhaps – or to strut around the house in her kitten heels just pleased as punch with herself for being so fine with that sparkly train and all.  Can you blame her?


The Mexican tin nicho obviously needed to be equally glamorous, and what better way to accomplish that then with some shells gathered by yours truly on a pristine, isolated beach in Mexico? I also thought the dangly, beaded number topping it all off was perfect.  (Is it just me, or does that look for all the world like a teeny pastie?)>

As for the name of this piece, it’s inspired by our heroine’s pose – one hand gracefully raised to her ear, the other outstretched behind her.  As in, “Hark! What is that? Why, I do believe I hear Destiny calling my name….”

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