About Zesty Artista

Dancer in blackZesty Artista, founded by artist and writer Deborah Beroset (that’s me), is a whim-driven assortment of art boxes, shrines, jewelry, scarves, pillows, art boxes, and various other mixed-media items, all handmade – with love and good humor – by yours truly.  I like to use vintage photos, fabrics, texts, and found evidence of nature and human nature, as well as a wide variety of other materials.  It is my hope that whether a piece is for you or someone else, that it speaks to you in some way and serves as a light-hearted, somewhat unpredictable expression of who you are.

But let’s talk Big Picture for a moment.  The truth is, Zesty Artista is really a celebration of a way of being.  It’s in honor of those individuals who go about their lives with gusto, moxie, and a certain brand of irreverent, unabashed aliveness.  It’s an ode to expressing your fun, sexy self.  It’s a call to carpe a bit of diem and live lusciously.

(Click here to read the story of how I came to see it was time to get my own zesty on, as it were.)

Meanwhile, here’s to the Zesty Artistas of this world

    …who know they have a say in how life goes,
    …who go full-tilt after whatever gives them a zing,
    …who figure if birds don’t worry about singing off-key, neither should they,
    …and who have room for a big life.  A big, juicy, luscious life.

Thank you for visiting.

Deborah Beroset

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