A Zest for Life: Anne Marie Schlekeway’s True Voice Found After Loss of Speech

Allow me to introduce you to Anne Marie Schlekeway, the first of many inspiring and Zesty types I plan to share with you. You can thank me later for this one. I promise you that taking the time to watch her presentation will give you a whole new Alice-in-Wonderland door to unleashing your own happiness and creativity.  I kid you not. 

Anne Marie Schlekeway: Business muse, founder of Kiss My ALS, and Zesty Artista extraordinaire.

Here’s the bottom line (which is a very Anne-Marie thing to say): Anne Marie Schlekeway, a friend and former colleague of mine at Landmark Education, is what you might call A Force to be Reckoned With.  She’s a successful consultant and business muse.  She’s a beautiful, vital, brilliant woman with a wicked wit. (Love that.)  She’s also been diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gherig’s disease, and has founded Kiss My ALS  to raise both awareness and funds for research on the terminal illness.

One of the impacts of this disease on Anne Marie is that she has lost the power of speech. That, however, has in no way dampened her irrepressible self-expression, as you’re about to see.  In her own words: “It took losing the power of speech for me to find my true voice.”

Please do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the ingenius Speechless Speech on Powerful Speaking and Happiness  (<– click here to experience) Anne Marie recently delivered in Chicago.  You will be in awe of her, of that you can be certain. But more to the point (Anne Marie’s point, I might add), you will be left inspired by yourself and your own capacity for courage…for meaningful creation…and for being fully, happily engaged in life.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this amazing person and her important message with you.

Live lusciously, my friends.

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